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If you are promoting your own band or planning a benefit or fundraiser, Forge Valley Event Center is the perfect site. The location is ideal, minutes from Asheville, Hendersonville and Brevard. Your event will be convenient to many attendees.

Ticket sales for indoor events at Forge Valley Event Center can go up to 600. Our indoor space has high-quality audio video equipment, custom installed concealed speakers and a Sound Room for your Sound Engineer. It has a high efficiency heating and air conditioning system and ample bathrooms. There is an optional snack bar.

We have a built in 8’ x 16’ video screen and a state-of-the-art professional ceiling-installed video projector with remote control. Perfect for video effects behind the stage! Our easy- to-use AV equipment will really make your event a success. The event space is designed for excellent acoustics. This is not an empty community center filled with echoes.

Open-air events can be accommodated on several locations on our eleven acres. There is no limit to the crowd your concert or show can entertain at Forge Valley Event Center. If you are organizing an open-air event or festival our beautiful grounds have all of the amenities you are looking for. There are several locations for open or enclosed tents or pavilions to be set-up. Tents can accommodate up to 2,000 and can be fully enclosed and heated or air-conditioned.

There are no zoning restrictions or noise ordinances that limit the volume of your music. There is no local curfew imposing a time limit on your event.

The large level parking lot right in front of the event center accommodates 43 cars. Below the building, our overflow parking holds 31 additional cars.  Both lots are paved, level and well-lighted.  There is a drop-off zone and waiting zone for limousines. For very large events, nearby paved parking is available, with shuttle service to transport attendees to your event.

Nothing is more important than exposure. Your show will be advertised on our attention getting billboard style sign on 280. Every car driving by cannot miss your event promotion.  We will add your show to our On-Line Concert Calendar to ensure you fill every seat.

Forge Valley Event Center has a 192 square foot portable staging platform available for your concert or show. It is large enough to accommodate even large groups for a stage production, graduation or other event. Our indoor/outdoor staging system is extremely versatile and strong. It is assembled from 12 separate 4' x 4' sections that are 18" high. Each section will support up to 150 pounds per foot and can be configured to fit any situation.

The staging platform is completely customizable and can be used for an indoor or outdoor event. It will accommodate your band, even including a separate 8' x 8' drum riser for an additional 8".

The dance floor is completely customizable. It comes in separate 3' x 3' parquet wood panels that securely fasten together providing a safe, stable surface. It can be set up anywhere you would like. Put it in front of the band, or in the center of the room. It can even be set up for your open-air, tent or canopy event. There are 441 square feet in all. Use your imagination! Lay it out as a square as large as 21’ x 21’ or as a rectangle.

Indoor / Outdoor Portable Staging Platform shown with drum riser

Forge Valley Event Center's versatile staging system can be configured to fit any situation. The portable staging platform is assembled from 12 separate 4' x 4' sections for a total of up to 192 square foot. It is 18" high with an optional drum riser for an additional 8". it is completely customizable and may be used for indoor or outdoor events. It may be skirted for a more finished appearance.

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